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Saturday, September 5, 2015

FNWF in September

I started Friday Night with Friends yesterday a little early and did some sewing before the evening arrived. During the week I had finished stitching the final block for Love Me, Love My Cat so I thought it would be a good idea to do some joining up.
Block 8 of Love Me Love My Cat, a Birdbrain Design.
The rest of the blocks are elsewhere so this was all I could do, quite a cute wee hanging don't you think?!
After tea I settled down with the MOML and did some knitting, this project has been resting for a little bit so it was nice to get the needles out and get back into it again. As you can see it's an old and well loved pattern and all will be revealed some time soon... I hope! (No prizes for guessing who it may be for...!)

Cheryll is our lovely hostess for Friday Nights with Friends. Last month I was very lucky to win the draw for taking part, and recently this wee giftie arrived from her... gorgeous fabrics and very cool button pins (for buttons with shanks - cool huh?) and a neat coaster. Thank you so much Cheryll and thank you also for hosting us all. To see what everyone else got up to visit her blog *here*.

 Friday night (bed-time) also saw me starting a new book...this is quite a milestone...since July last year (yes 2014!) I have been re-reading the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon. A few pages a night meant that it was a slow journey but I have thoroughly enjoyed my adventures with Jamie and Clare, Bree and Roger. I was quite sad when I turned the last page so I hope there's another one out soon! I haven't seen any of the TV series of them yet, looking forward to hunting them out. Although I'll probably wait for it on DVD.
Don't they look loved?!
The books seemed to get bigger as I progressed
through the series.
(Yes there's one missing, a daughter has it.)
(Mum and I weren't exactly racing but she started re-read them about the same time I did, and finished them PLUS all the additional books MONTHS ago!!)

Until next time, happy creating and happy weekending,

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Progress - it's a flimsy!

I've been really disciplined this week and am pleased to announce that I now have a flimsy :-)
This was the last round for our Tuesday Medallion Mystery (that I'm doing with The Country Yard), There were, of course, several rules for it, I think I've met them! I went for this foundation pieced border.....
The last side of the border - pieces ready to join - yaay!
The borders were quite a size!
Silly shot of the day, dancing borders.
Adjustments needed - off with the 1" border from the last round, and on with a
wider border - not sure if that's legal or not, but it's done now!
Foundation pieces all joined and edge stitched. I took the papers out, up to an inch
from  the curved edge - to maintain stability of the biased edges.
(Time to vacuum the floor!!)
Sewing on a bias strip which will act as piping. Flip the bias strip to the back and
press and baste in place.
Lie the top on the floor, check it's square and pin it down.
(At this stage I thought it looked quite ok like it was and wondered why I needed
the last border!)
Lie the last border on top (which was joined like a picture frame, I forgot to take
 a photo of that stage).
Measure, adjust, pin, re-measure, re-adjust, re-pin (and so on) until it's all square
and sitting straight.
Stitch in the ditch of piping to attach last border to quilt top.
Completed top, another one to add to the quilting pile :-)
I really didn't know if this border was going to work or not — after I sewed it on and pinned it up on the wall, I didn't (couldn't!) look at it for about 5 minutes. I hoped I would get a 'yes' moment when I finally did look at the full top - phew, I am happy with it...and pleased it is done, it was a really fun project to do. I'd love to get straight into the quilting but there are a few other projects I really need to get on with first....sigh!

For now I need to get the vacuum cleaner out as my Palace floor is a bit of a mess... a bit of other housework wouldn't go amiss either...!
Thank you for visiting, 
happy creating,

Sunday, August 23, 2015

A Scrappy FNSI

It's always nice to spend some time stitching in the company of others. I was lucky with two social stitching evenings this week, one non-cyber with my local sewing buddies, and then again on Friday night, as part of Friday Night Sew In. Hosted by the lovely Wendy, she also had some great ideas for nibbles for the evening.... I was happy with some Orange-Chocolate Chip Ice-cream...less baking time meant more sewing time!
I'd spent the week on the borders for my Tuesday Medallion Mystery quilt - they're going fine but I decided I needed a change of scenery for a day. It was bugging me that I am behind in my Rainbow Scrap Challenge so I decided some cutting and prepping for that would be a good idea.
Can you picture someone sitting on the floor up to their elbows in scraps going nowhere fast?? Well that was me ... I know scraps are supposed to be thrown together at random but I like mine to be a little mitchy-matchy.... and I seem to have every shade of red under the sun and not all of them fit together very well....anyway after a lot of dithering, and some time joining in with the gals in the Northern Hemisphere (ie Saturday and maybe even Sunday sewing!), I finally made a few decisions and made a couple of blocks.
(Truth be known I should have stuck to my foundation piecing, I would have been a lot more productive!!)
One untrimmed Great-Granny block
(from the Bee In My Bonnet Sewalong in 2012)
Red was the colour for July in the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.
One more untrimmed Great Granny Block.
June's colour was light blue or green blue.
I'm not quite so buzzing with those two blocks, the red is too red and the greeny-blue's outer border is too light. I MAY change these at some stage, will see how they all look sitting together at the end of the year.
Seven months' blocks together. August is Indigo, I haven't looked at that
colour yet.
Hehe a lot of variety in these blocks, I have been very 'flexible' with my colours.
 Oh well.
I also managed to sew up one of the sampler blocks, I have a few more cut ready to sew when I get the change of scenery urge again.

And here are these ones together. Angela has worked out a beautiful rainbow
setting for these, Irish Chain style. It will be fun when I get to that stage!!
Special thanks to Wendy for hosting the Friday Night Sew In (link up is *here*) and special thanks to Angela for hosting the Rainbow Scrap Challenge (link up is *here*).

 I cant let too many posts go by without sharing a photo of our wee girls... here is one of my favourites from the last week, they are about 3 1/2 weeks old.
Let's all say it together...awww so cute :-)
(One asleep, one awake - not sure how Mum and Dad ever get any
sleep themselves!)
Thank you for visiting, see you next time,
happy creating,